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CTBR – Latest Developments

Latest Developments The honey bee, (Apis mellifera) is in danger! Under constant assault from pesticides on their food source. Starving from a lack of diversity in their local foraging. Being squished, swatted or sprayed. No wonder they are...

More Than Honey!

More Than Honey!    Central Texas Bee Rescue has been invited to a special screening of the sweet new  documentary More Than Honey. This is exciting event for our organization as it will give us an opportunity to socialize with  some great...

Bees in the Bedroom

Bees in the Bedroom   Some folks will try anything to spice up their bedroom. While the taste of honey is sweet you would probably agree that it is much easier to just buy our Wild Honey at WholeFoods than to have a bee hive at your bedside...

How Dominant is the Queen Bee?

­­­How Dominant is the Queen Bee? By Sarah Pleuthner At the center of a honeybee colony lies the heart and soul of the organization: the queen bee. The queen, the mother to all who live in the hive, is vital to the existence of the entire colony...

4 Tips to Avoid Stings

Four Tips for Avoiding Bee Stings By Callie Turnbull  Summer time is here and bees are busy buzzing around and looking everywhere for nectar. 1.       Stay away from nests!  Bees are territorial and will defend their nests with their lives. If...

High-Rise Honey Video

Together with Stratus Properties and Canyon Johnson Urban Fund II, Austin based non-profit, Central Texas Bee Rescue has installed a bee apiary atop the 37th floor of the W Austin. As the first roof top apiary in Austin, the project has...


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