CTBR and ChocoSutra: A Sweet Deal

 Central Texas Bee Rescue and ChocoSutra

A Sweet Deal

If you remember not too long ago we linked a ZAGAT article regarding a local chocolatier using our delicious Wild Honey to make his amazing treats. Well after some pleasant negotiations with this talented individual we have decided to combine our exquisite ingredients into a delectable business partnership.


With results you are sure to taste we would like to invite you to try out some of these extraordinary eats made with our exclusive Wild Honey. ¬†ChocoSutra‘s Richard Kreuzburg came by our office the other day to drop off some tasty treats and I’m gonna have to do my best not to hug this dude next time I see him in person. To find an individual who puts so much care and thought into chocolate is incredibly inspiring and the fact that he is willing to share his success with us so we can continue to rescue bees is just another great reminder of how many people realize the importance of saving them.

So take some time to check out his website and read his blog entry where he shares some of his wisdom and passion for honey.

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