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Latest Developments

The honey bee, (Apis mellifera) is in danger! Under constant assault from pesticides on their food source. Starving from a lack of diversity in their local foraging. Being squished, swatted or sprayed. No wonder they are disappearing at such an alarming rate.

This could mean real trouble for the American public, while Colony collapse disorder may have a direct effect on bee populations, people will notice their absence at the grocery store cash registers.

When we look at the crops pollinated by bees, they are essential for cocoa, watermelon and various gourds. On average 1 out of every 3 bites of food you consume is pollinated by honey bees, that means there will be 1/3 less food on the planet, which in turn will cause a higher demand for the food that remains.

Central Texas Bee Rescue is working diligently to help protect the dwindling honey bee populations in multiple ways.

These projects are all secondary to our favorite area of working with bees, rescue and removal. With estimates of up to 1000 beehives exterminated per year in the city of Austin alone, its a great place to start with preserving our feral bee populations. We pride ourselves on being the peacekeeping pioneers of the bee removal industry that offer our services to the public on a donation basis.

Our organization is in a unique position to create the template for other cities across the United States to follow. Ideally we would like to be offer the bee rescues completely free but until we can get enough income from our other endeavors then we need the donations of conscientious people in order to cover our yearly operational costs. We need your help so that we can continue to offer our services to people and bees.


How you can help!

  1. Online: Visit our website Donate Today then push the blue button that says Save Bees.
  2. By Mail: Send a check to Central Texas Bee Rescue, 212 Lavaca, suite 300 Bee, Austin, 78701
  3. In Person: We are always in need of hardworking people that want to help us rescue bees.

Want to make a non cash donation we need vehicles, laptops, bee-box materials and other items necessary to our vocation send us a bee-mail: Info@ahbpa.org


Thanks for giving us your time and support.

Bee informed!

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