A Teaspoon a Day Keeps the Sniffles Away

A Teaspoon a Day Keeps the Sniffles Away

Local Honey and Allergies


Runny nose? Itchy throat? Puffy dry eyes? allergy_385x2611

If it’s not the weather then it’s allergies right? Everywhere you look right now you see someone reaching for a tissue or popping some kind of allergy medicine.

Want to spend less time blowing your nose or looking for a stronger dose of antihistamines?

A study has shown that people who ingest 1 tsp of local honey a day could receive benefits of

  • 60 percent reduction in symptoms
  • Twice as many asymptomatic days
  • 70 percent fewer days with severe symptoms
  • 50 percent decrease in usage of antihistamines

This study was conducted with a local allergen of birch but the specific type of pollen is the not the subject of the study just whether other not using a honey that contains local allergens would provide measurable relief.

Local honey is a very a ambiguous term that we at CTBR are looking to have clarified across the industry in the near future currently though we will describe it as honey that is harvested and bottled within 20 miles of your location.

Honestly speaking though these results were very similar for both types of honey tested the only advantage that the local honey users observed was a lower usage of antihistamines.

The current theory is that since the bees are flying around in the pollen all day collecting nectar from plants then when they return to the hive the honey they produce contains trace elements of these allergens. When ingested consistently your body begins to build up an immunity to the allergens thus effectively reducing your reaction to the irritants.

pills So do you want to stop taking so much allergy medicine?

Seems like a pretty simple answer to me.

Just take 1 tsp of honey a day, then eventually over time you notice that you don’t spend nearly as much time or money trying to manage your allergies.



Check out this great article that highlights the results of the study.


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