‘Bee Czar’ comes to the rescue after bees invade neighborhood

SAN ANTONIO — People living in a neighborhood in Windcrest got some much-needed relief Wednesday after tens of thousands of angry bees that had invaded a home were removed. The so-called Bee Czar of Austin traveled to Windcrest to remove the bees, free of charge. Walter Schumacher doesn’t kill bees, he rescues them.

When city officials learned about a hive at a woman’s home, they contacted Schumacher and his non-profit group Central Texas Bee Rescue. His arrival spelled relief for the woman whose property was invaded by the bees. The problem with this beehive is it ran out of room, explained Schumacher.

Once the beehive runs out of room, it gets angry and mean. People who live on the street said they are grateful, especially since there are usually people and pets in the area. Schumacher will relocate the entire bee colony to Austin.

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