Sustainable Fun – Beeswax Crayons

Sustainable Fun!

Beeswax Crayons

Central Texas Bee Rescue is all about sustainability.

Which means we try to make use of every part of honey harvesting, When we remove the honey from the hives there is inevitably some beeswax that get removed with the sweet elixir.

Instead of just throwing that beautiful beeswax out we like to find interesting ways to reuse it. Normally we save it for our cosmetic products we are designing but occasionally we come across an idea that sounds too fun to resist.


Introducing beeswax crayons, a non toxic approach to coloring fun that you and the kids can make at home.

Now there are quite a few recipes you can find online but we love simplicity. After digging around on the internet we came across this easy 7 step process that will get you started on your crayon making adventure.

Of course there is plenty of room for your creative changes and personal preference so please don’ think this is the only way to make beeswax crayons.

Do you have your own unique recipe for beeswax family fun? Send us pictures and steps to your creation and we will gladly see about getting it posted on our website.


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