Perfect Medicine – Warm Honey Lemon “Tea”

Perfect Medicine

Warm Honey Lemon “Tea”

Brr! It’s cold outside.

These frigid days might make you feel a little under the weather. Don’t worry with the help of our winged friends the Honey Bees we can find a good nights rest is no further away than your cupboard.

Enter warm honey lemon “tea”, this delicious beverage is one of the best at home remedies for cold season.

That persistent cough keeping you up?

Not anymore recent studies have shown that honey was rated the most effective treatment for easing a cough when compared to dextromethorphan or nothing. That means the next time your child is unable to sleep because of their cough you can make them a simple home remedy that will put a smile on their face and give you at least a couple hours of peaceful rest.

Ok so honey is great why do we need lemon?download

While the honey is great for helping ease a cough you need to make sure that you are addressing the cause and not just the symptoms. That’s where lemons come into the picture, these flavor packed fruit are packed with vitamin C.  So while the honey is helping you get that much needed sleep the lemon is boosting your immune system to combat whatever may be causing it.

Want to kick it up another notch?

Add ginger. Bam! This warming root is great for detoxifying and boosting your immune system, not to mention it provides another aromatic layer of goodness to this already tasty remedy.

Enough talking about it though, here is a simple recipe and a great article from livestrong for you to enjoy!

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