Bee Educated/Bee Clever

American Honey Bee Protection Agency provides multi-faceted BEE EDUCATION in public, charter, and private schools, at universities, for corporate retreats, and in prisons.

Our Heroic Story

Human beings are responding to bee decline by doing something about it.

Human beings care. We care about our children’s lives. We care about the planet. We care about the plants and animals.

We care about the bees.

Human beings are wise and resourceful.

We know how to correct problems when we make mistakes.

Rachel Carson’s work, for one great example, showed us we can observe human impacts and we can create laws to protect our children, plants, and animals.

Rachel’s book Silent Spring helped inform the public about the danger to bird populations of DDT and other agrochemicals back in the 1960’s.

People came together to change the laws. We did something back then and bird populations recovered.

We can do something today to help the honeybees recover.

American Honey Bee Protection Agency is bringing people together to do something about bee decline through our Bee Educated-Bee Clever ™ Bee Education and Advocacy programs.

Bee informed!

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