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4 Tips to Avoid Stings

Four Tips for Avoiding Bee Stings By Callie Turnbull  Summer time is here and bees are busy buzzing around and looking everywhere for nectar. 1.       Stay away from nests!  Bees are territorial and will defend their nests with their lives. If...

97 Foods At Risk!

By Kathie Martel Goldsmith Children as young as the third grade understand the basic concept of pollination. They understand that pretty flowers attract insects that stop in for a snack. In the process of gathering snacks from each flower, the...

Bee Rescue, Maya Style!

By Duane Pool We thought you and your kids might enjoy a BEE-utiful video from “Maya the Bee.” Join  Maya as she and Willy help their friend Max the worm out of trouble. As they Bee-friend some other great insects for a great rescue...


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