Save the Bees: A Message from Greenpeace

Honeybees pollinate many of the nuts, fruits and vegetables we love. But beekeepers like me keep discovering our honeybees — whole hives of them — gone or dead.

Just in the last year, the United States lost 44% of honey bee colonies — a significant jump from the year before.

We can’t let dangerous pesticides continue to devastate bee populations for another year.

Luckily, there is hope. Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon has drafted a new bill that will help decrease bee-killing pesticide use and increase pollinator habitat.

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The bill doesn’t only take steps to end the die-offs. It goes on the offensive for the bees:

  • It will give farmers incentives for reducing the use of bee killing pesticides and increase more ecologically friendly ways to control weeds and pests.
  • It will help farmers develop planting strategies that benefit pollinators and the crops they pollinate.
  • It will require federal agencies to expand habitat that benefits pollinators by 3 million acres!

Basically, the bill is a huge win for both bees and farmers. That’s something your Senators should be able to get behind — even in this politically charged time.

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There is not a moment to lose.

To ensure the bill passes, Senator Merkley needs co-sponsors before introducing the bill on the floor of the Senate. That could happen in just a couple of weeks when the Senate is back from its August recess.

Bees need our support right now to give this bill a chance at succeeding from the outset.

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Our movement to protect the bees has already accomplished so much.

Hundreds of thousands of people are challenging bee killing pesticides — like neonicotinoids — in the EPA. In March, the state of Maryland banned the consumer use of neonicotinoids. And the entire country of France is banning all use of neonicotinoids!

And saving the bees is just one part of the growing movement to fix our broken food system.

Together we can ensure the food we eat everyday is not grown with dangerous pesticides and instead works for farmers, eaters (that’s YOU!), and bees.

Click Here ==> Let’s make the Pollinator Recovery Act part of that change.

Thanks for all you do,

Mark Floegel
Research Director and Beekeeper, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Today is World Honey Bee Day! Click Here ==> Will you celebrate by asking YOUR Senators to help reduce dangerous bee die offs and create the conditions for bees to flourish once again?

Bee informed!

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