Donate & Save the Bees

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Every $250 donation saves a hive
(around 50,000 bees)

We use your donation to rescue bees from extermination then relocate and rehabilitate them at one of our many apiaries throughout Texas. We consider your donation a gift to us and we show our appreciation by going out into the Texas heat and successfully rescuing bees from attics, walls, crevices, and trees.

Please tell your friends about the hard work we are doing to save this precious resource and pollinator—the honey bee.

As Little as 5-dollars Goes a Long Way!

Here’s how we will use your donation:

  • Pro-bono bee removals for low-income families
  • Regular maintenance on bee rescue vehicles and equipment
  • New bee rescue boxes & beehive maintenance
  • Supplies & materials for beehive relocation & maintenance
  • Improved scaffolding for 2-story bee removals
  • We need a new truck to help us double our bee rescues
  • Team building events to keep morale high after rescuing bees from hot Texas attics
  • Better ventilated bee suits
  • Pro-bono educational events and speaking engagements

Help Us Save More Bees! We appreciate your donation.

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