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Bee GPS – Tracking CCD

Bee GPS Tracking CCD   With tons of this media coming up on Colony Collapse Disorder we feel it is fairly important to note that one of the primary factors involved in diagnosing this disorder is the dramatic disappearance of the bees. One...

Honey – Exposing Imposters

Honey Exposing Imposters They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. For people this might be true but when it comes to honey it could be disastrous. Have you ever noticed how clear honey can look sometimes? Almost unnaturally so. Well...

CTBR – Latest Developments

Latest Developments The honey bee, (Apis mellifera) is in danger! Under constant assault from pesticides on their food source. Starving from a lack of diversity in their local foraging. Being squished, swatted or sprayed. No wonder they are...

Bees in the Bedroom

Bees in the Bedroom   Some folks will try anything to spice up their bedroom. While the taste of honey is sweet you would probably agree that it is much easier to just buy our Wild Honey at WholeFoods than to have a bee hive at your bedside...

Research Schmee-search!

By Duane Pool In light of recent Federal Department of Agriculture (F.D.A.) reports regarding Colony Collapse Disorder, the need for independent research has become even more crucial in the fight to save the honey bee. Corporate research has...

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!

Check out a short video clip of our dedicated BEE-CZAR, Walter Schumacher as he provides a colorful demonstration of how keeping your cool around these industrious pollinators helps you not get stung. Remember Bees are your friends! Save Your...


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