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American Honey Bee Protection Agency provides multi-faceted BEE EDUCATION in public, charter, and private schools, and in the community at large. Contact us about pollinating your brain and help us build the buzz about the bees.

Bee Educated – Bee Clever ™ University

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 5.58.52 PMAmerican Honey Bee Protection Agency is proud to announce a new collaboration with Shreiner University.

AHBPA Head Beekeeper Rick Fink is working with Shreiner University Assistant Professor of Biology, Dr. Ryan Caesar to establish the new program.  They have created a four hive apiary on the Shreiner University campus in Kerrville.

If you are interested in creating a bee science program at your College or University and would like to work with AHBPA, contact us.

Stay tuned as the buzz builds at Kerrville’s Schreiner University.

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