Bee Abatement


Keep Your Business Bee-Free

Honey bees can become quite a nuisance to customers when their food source is low. Let us help you prevent bees from interfering with your business—we call this Bee Abatement.

Preventative Measures

You don’t want bees bothering your customers and we don’t blame you. Let us build preventative measures that keep bees away from your paying guests.

No Hassle

You’re busy running a successful business. Let our bee wranglers handle all monthly maintenance to make sure your property stays bee-free.

Support a Great Cause!

Since AHBPA is a 501(c)3 non-profit, your donation goes directly towards saving hundreds of thousands of local pollinators. You’re able to write off all services as a charitable donation.

What we do: Save the bees and save your restaurant! We work with your company to redirect bees to the roof of your establishment rather than your trash cans, outside seating, or other unwanted areas. It creates a peaceful partnership between your business and the natural occurrence of honey bees.

Participants: We can work with any business in a public area whether it be a restaurant, office, store, or theme park! The donation amount will vary for larger buildings and parks.

Benefits: This is a great opportunity to do something positive for your community and the ecological integrity of Central Texas. Plus, you get to advertise your efforts to be more eco-friendly! Once you are a part of our bee abatement program we will highlight your company on our website as a participant. In addition, all donations that will be made are tax-exempt.

Breakdown: We will put in place our discrete bee abatement buckets and check on them twice a month for the bee season. The donation for this service would be $150 a month and will include all materials used and all the labor. The bees will be lured away from feeding in unwanted sections of your business and on to the roof of the establishment where they won’t harm guests or employees while still being able to forage in the locale.

Standard Monthly Maintenance Donation will vary based on size of facility and number of trash cans.

If you and your business are interested in bee abatement, please fill out the form below. Someone from our office will be in touch so you can learn more about the ways in which we can maintain the bees on your property without resorting to lethal measures for the honey bees.

AHBPA also provides Bee Abatement services at Theme Parks – please contact or fill out the form below for details on all of our programs.

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