AHBPA Bee Rescue & Removal Liability Waiver

AHBPA Bee Rescue & Removal Liability Waiver

Do you have Neighbors or dogs nearby? Please notify homeowners about the removals and let them know to keep dogs inside!

Please give the remaining bees about 3 days to relocate. Often times when we’re doing the removal, there are bees out for the day foraging and will be returning to a missing hive. They’ll typically ball up and then leave over the next few days once they realize their queen is truly gone. Sometimes bees will go out to forage in the morning and return after the hive is gone, leaving you with remaining bees.  There is a chance that we will need to do a re-suck of the bees if there is more than (2) fist sized amounts of bees. Please contact our office if this is needed.

After the removal, it’s crucial to make any repairs or seal up wherever the bees were so that new bees won’t move into that same spot. Bees will only expand as big as there is room in the space they’re inhabiting. Therefore, if it’s in a space where insulation can be added, we suggest doing so. We advise against using the expandable foam as a sealant since bees have the capability of eating right through it.

In the event there is an emergency call or bad weather, we will need to reschedule the bee removal. American Honey Bee Protection Agency is not held responsible for any homeowner/tenant missed days at work.

Liability Release: To complete a hive extraction, some tear down is usually required to remove all brood and honeycomb. This is important as it not only saves the hive but usually saves the homeowner a future headache of new bees moving in. We can not guarantee the amount of tear down as it depends on how large the comb is inside of the home.  AHBPA/Central Texas Bee Rescue will not be held liable for any damages and costs of rebuilding or repair. However, we always try to do the least amount of damage possible and always try to leave the materials as repairable as possible, though we can never guarantee this. As AHBPA/Central Texas Bee Rescue is not responsible for repairs, please be aware of the weather post-removal in the event you need to make repair arrangements.

AHBPA donates useable honey sourced from these extractions, as to leave nothing for waste; therefore, it is imperative that you answer the form in its entirely and truthfully.

Acknowledging this document means you answered truthfully made it clear whether you have or have not used pesticides or any other extermination products or sprays on the bees or their hive.  If you have used pesticides, we can still perform the removal 6 weeks after the date the contaminants were last sprayed.  This document is legal and binding and goes into effect on the date & time the removal begins.


As we are non-profit trying to do all that we can, donations are very helpful in allowing us to continue our work in saving the bees. A suggested donation will be provided when we schedule the removal for you.

Please note that larger donation amounts are asked of homeowners if any of the following apply to your bee removal:

—Homeowner lives over 30 miles outside of either Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, or Arlington, TX

—If the job at your home is much larger and takes longer than expected

—If your removal is higher in the air and requires more scaffolding set up

Be aware that appointments may have to be rescheduled in the event of an emergency removal call.

Bee informed!

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