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American Honey Bee Protection Agency provides multi-faceted BEE EDUCATION in public, charter, and private schools, at universities, for corporate retreats, and in prisons.

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Beekeeping 101

Interested in beekeeping or just want to learn a little more about why bees are so important?

Learn everything you need to know in this 1-day workshop.

Perfect for those looking for a fun new hobby, a tax break, or a fun adventure.

Join thousands of people who have made their beekeeping dreams a reality, saving the bees, and combating Colony Collapse Disorder.

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Beekeeping Classes for Businesses & Teams

Beekeeping is one of those activities that inspires employees to be hyper-present and encourages them to work as a team towards a common goal.

Have an employee retreat you’d like us to bring the bees out to? Want your employee to learn an important and fun skill?

Let us bring our Bee Wranglers out to your event or retreat to provide basic Beekeeping courses! We will bring all equipment necessary for your employees to hop into some bee suits and get hands on experience.

We can absolutely tailor any class to fit the schedule of your event! Just send us an email of what you’re looking for at

Correctional Complex Apiaries

Travis County Correctional Complex

AHBPA received approval in July of 2014 to not only install ten beehives at the Travis County Correctional Complex, but we also have been granted the incredible opportunity to teach our master beekeeping certification course to nonviolent criminal offenders, who are seeking a change in their life. This is the first ever inmate beekeeping pilot program in the country, and has attained a lot of media attention due to its novelty.

Our first session was with the male population. We successfully graduated four inmates, two of which are working full time for us now. Our second course was with the female population. Thought that course did not yield any graduates or full time employees, many of the students reported that working with the bees provided them an ease of mind while behind bars.

Our goal is to provide vocational training for wayward individuals who have nothing but time on their hands while in jail. Long term, we feel that this will give these inmates a better prospect of obtaining a job after he or she gets released. If an inmate successfully completes our master beekeeping course, he or she can find a job with our nonprofit organization working with bees. Furthermore, a job will entail that each respective inmate has a steady income as he or she adjusts to life outside the jail; thus, our program will lower recidivism rates in Texas, which will lower the tax burden on the rest of the state’s residents.

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